If you have been sent voucher codes from a promotional offer for half price disc golf, this article will help you use these to book a Disc Golf session. 

You should have been sent a Voucher Code and a Security Code. 

Visit https://mendip.me/book/frisbee_golf/ and find the date you would like to attend. 

(Do not worry about the time, you only need to book the day that you plan to attend, you can arrive at any time on that date.)

Add your number of players to your basket. Your half price voucher will work on up to 6 players. Use the "Frisbee Golf" option, do not use the voucher holder option.

When you get to the Review stage of your booking, enter your voucher code and security code. 

Change the "Number of uses to apply today" to the number of players you are booking for, up to a maximum of 6. 

Click "Redeem" and the basket value will discount by half.

Continue through the checkout process. 

We look forward to seeing  you soon for a round of Disc Golf!