If you have a physical or digital copy of your voucher, it should state which activity it's aimed at being used for. It will look like this: 

The activity this voucher is aimed at is highlighted in the red box.

If you don't have a physical copy of your voucher but you know the voucher code and security code, you can enter the codes (shown in the blue box) into our website's voucher validation page, which will confirm the activity your voucher was purchased for, and the expiry date!

If you'd prefer to do a different activity than the type listed on the voucher, that's no problem! 

For example, the voucher above would not cover a snowsport session, or a 2.5 hour activity session. If you wanted to book one of those types of sessions with this voucher instead, the voucher would need to be converted to monetary amount. 

To do this, you would just need to add your preferred activity to your basket and continue to Checkout as usual. Once you reach the "Review" page, you can enter and apply your voucher codes (shown in the blue box above). 

A pop-up message will then appear, asking you to confirm that you would like your voucher to be converted to a monetary amount and applied to the session you have chosen:

Once this has been confirmed, you'll need to pay any outstanding amount (if the voucher does not cover the full session cost for the new activity) and then complete the booking. Please note that vouchers converted to monetary value are worth what was originally paid for the voucher.