Once you have completed your 4 star lesson, you have completed our course! This means you are now ready to ski on our slope without an instructor present. We call this 'recreational skiing' and to get you started we include a FREE day pass to come and use the slope as a Recreational skier whenever you like! This is a great way to practice your skills and find your style as a solo skier.

If you enjoy your day on the slope, we also offer annual passes which allow you to come and use the slope as a recreational skier whenever the slope is open! There are no hidden costs and your equipment hire is all still included for every visit. Another benefit of your course is that, if you choose to purchase an annual pass, you get this at HALF PRICE which makes it unbeatable value for a full year of unlimited skiing!

To keep you improving, we also run a series of informal, drop in sessions designed as a recreational ski with an expert instructor also skiing the slope with you! Receive extra pointers and advice in an informal setting:

- A Ski Sunday Session
- A Friday Night, Ski with the Instructor session

Once you have completed the course, our Customer Service team can get you booked in for any of these free sessions whenever best suits you.